New PLANETS Newsletter

Check out the new PLANETS newsletter [Leads to page where you can download the pdf, or you can download the pdf HERE.

It mostly covers the impending 2010 release of the PLANETS testbed which purports to be able to:

• analyse systematically and verify, based on evidence, different digital preservation strategies such as: characterisation of digital
objects, migration and emulation.

• run a range of digital preservation tools such as JHOVE, PS2PDF,
ImageMagik, Sanselan, MSWord migration, HTMLCleaner.

• test various combinations of preservation workflows such as
migration of DOC to PDF or PDF/A.

• test preservation strategies on different types of digital objects
such as text, image, audio and video.

• measure and compare the results against pre-defined

Pretty cool. I am excited to see so many tools finally being launched after so much discussion, work, and anticipation. It looks like external institutions will be able to try it out as early as Summer 2009. Hopefully, we at UNC can get our hands on it to test drive!


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