Another article on KEEP

KEEP being the European emulator project,  Keeping Emulation Environments Portable

From Attempt made to save digital information for future

Interesting: “The KEEP project goes beyond a modular emulator in that it is being called “universal” and “the world’s first general purpose” emulator. It carries a price tag of $5.2 million, contributed by the European Union.”

$5.2 million?? Yow.

I’m feeling a little frustrated though, because all I can find are news story after news story, and no solid spec info. Apparently, Dan Pinchbeck “and team” are AIMING at developing this thing, so possibly there just isn’t much out there yet and if anything, we’ll just have to ask THEM what their plans are. Or wait.

Here’s the news page from the University of Portsmouth, too, if you’re interested.


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